Dropwizard Tutorials

The page lists down all tutorials posted on this blog related to dropwizard library.

Hello World Example

Dropwizard – Hello World Example

Let’s learn to use dropwizard to build REST APIs – step by step. Learn to add REST resources, representations and validations.

Dropwizard Client

Dropwizard – Jersey/HTTP Configuration and Examples

Dropwizard includes both Apache HttpClient and Jersey Client. Let’s build REST client for consuming REST APIs across the network.

Dropwizard Advance Topics

Dropwizard – Health Check Configuration Example

DropWizard health check is implemented by extending the HealthCheck class and returning Result.healthy() if everything is alright and Result.unhealthy() if something is not working – as expected.

Dropwizard – BasicAuth Security Example

Learn to add username/password based authentication and role based authorization capabilities into Dropwizard REST APIs using Basic Authentication.

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