Eclipse with Java 16 Support

Learn to setup the development environment in your machine with Eclipse IDE and Java 16. Note that Eclipse provides Java 16 support out of the box in version 2021-06.

1. Download Java 16

Java 16 is the latest version today when we are writing this article.

We have two choices here. Either download the JDK installer .exe file or JDK archive package which we can extract in some location in the system. Both the downloads can be found in this download link.

I prefer the archive packages as we can have different JDK versions in the system and can configure them as per project need. They do not make any change in System registry, as opposed to the executable file.

JDK download link
JDK 16 Download Links

2. Download and Install Eclipse

Similar to JDK distribution, we have two choices here. Either download the Eclipse installer .exe file or Eclipse archive package which we can extract in some location in the system.

I prefer to use Eclipse archive/zip file. Zipped version is shipped with most of the built-in plugins which are needed for Java based project development tasks.

  • Download the Eclipse zip file and extract it to some location.
    Eclipse zip download link
    Eclipse zip download link
  • Launch Eclipse using eclipse.exe launcher file.
  • Check the default JRE version which points to JRE 16.
    Default JRE Version is 16
    Default JRE Version is 16
  • We can change the default System library to point to JDK 16 which we downloaded in first step.
    Add new JRE
    Add new JRE
  • Apply the changes and refresh the project. Now your application is using JDK 16.

Happy Learning !!

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