Life of a programmer in pictures : part 2

This post is continuation to my previous post (part 1), which was liked by many of you. Lets the humor continue…

“When a big SQL query works on the first try”


“When a bug goes unnoticed during a presentation or client demo”


“When a newbie suggests to add a new feature to project”


“When a presentation is almost over and then suddenly the system crashes”


“When after a big update I test the new site with IE”


“When asked to lend a hand on a Friday afternoon”


“When customer wants to change specification 2 days before pushing to production”


“When I am asked about something from the 900 pages of documentation”


“When I am the only one to notice a bug on Friday night”


“When I follow a tutorial to the letter and there are dozens of errors”


“When I have been asked to update a regular expression”


More such moments here:

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1 thought on “Life of a programmer in pictures : part 2”

  1. Hello! Have you seen: it’s a humor blog which posts similar animated gifs (daily) in three different languages, looks like these guys tried to reach Hispanic audience and they couldn’t reach enough so they made it multilingual and they are having success, enjoy


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