Guest and Sponsored Posts

1. What kind of content is allowed?

The article should be one of the following types:

  • A how-to guide on any programming language
  • Step by step guide for any feature, module or a tool
  • List of popular programming languages, frameworks, modules, or tools
  • List of useful programming resources
  • Any other topic strictly related to programming

2. What kind of content is NOT allowed?

  • Promotional content not related to programming
  • Promotional content only about your company
  • Promotional content containing low-quality links
  • Any kind of adult content

3. Payment information

If the post is a guest post without any link to any external website, there is no need to pay anything.

If the post is a sponsored post, a one time fee of $300 shall be paid to my Paypal account. The price is non-negotiable. The condition of no low-quality links still applies to your post.

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