Reversing a String in Java

In this Java tutorial, we will learn to reverse a string using the recursion and StringBuilder.reverse() method.

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1. Reverse a String using Recursion

To reverse all the characters of the string, we can write a recursive function that will perform the following actions –

  1. Take first character and append to last of string
  2. Perform above operation, recursively, until the string ends
public class StringExample
	public static void main(String[] args)
		String blogName = "How To Do In Java ";

		String reverseString = reverseString(blogName);


	public static String reverseString(String string)
		if (string.isEmpty()){
		     return string;

		//Calling function recursively
		return reverseString(string.substring(1)) + string.charAt(0);

Program output.

avaJ nI oD oT woH

2. Reverse A String using StringBuilder

We can also reverse a string easily, using a StringBuilder.reverse() method.

String blogName = "How To Do In Java";

String reverseString = new StringBuilder(string).reverse();


Program output.

avaJ nI oD oT woH

Happy Learning !!

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