Python Examples

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Read, understand, and practice these Python examples for a better understanding of the Python language. These simple python programs will help you in understanding the …

Python References

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1. Python Inbuilt Functions Python abs() Returns the absolute value of a integer, float; and magnitude of a complex number. Python any() function Checks if …

Python – Keywords

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Python keywords are the reserved words and these keywords cannot be used for any other purpose than they have been designed for.

Python – Data Types

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A data type defines the type of a variable. Since everything is an object in Python, data types are actually classes; and the variables are instances of it.

Python – Variables

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Learn about variables in python, declaring local and global variables. Also, learn about global keyword used inside the functions in python.

Python – Comments

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In Python (or any other programming language), comments are used to explain the source code. Comments describe the code, which helps in maintaining the application …


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