Python Examples

Read, understand, and practice these Python examples for a better understanding of the Python language. These simple python programs will help you in understanding the basic concepts of programming in Python.

All the programs on this page are tested and should work on all platforms.

Python Program to Print Hello World

A very simple Python program that displays “Hello, World!” on the screen.

Python program to get the dictionary intersection

Python examples to find common items between 2 or more dictionaries i.e. dictionary intersection items.

Python program to find largest or smallest N items

Python examples to find the largest (or the smallest) N elements from a collection of elements using nlargest() and nsmallest() functions from heapq library.

Python program to unpack tuple into variables or arguments

Python examples to unpack an N-element tuple or sequence into a collection of N variables.

Python program to use max() and min() functions

Python examples to find the largest (or the smallest) item in a collection (e.g. list, set or array) of comparable elements using max() and min() methods.

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