5 Top Online Java Courses You May Consider

For me, learning java has been always hitting the keyboard. I still believe that the best way to learn is to code program yourself. And the best part is that as many errors you make, as much you learn.

Mistakes are mostly directly proportional to learning curve, at least at beginner level.

But another truth is that you are not always with your development machine (considering most beginners still don’t have laptops) e.g. you are traveling to somewhere, or you are simply on vacations for one week to your hometown. Is it a good idea to stop learning in this time-frame when you don’t have access to your development tools. My advise will be … NO !!!

You must learn something new everyday as I have already mentioned it one of my life lessons in last few years.

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In this post, I am listing some online java courses which you can take to learn java online when you are out of reach from your workstation. Most of these courses are free online java video courses and are free. Watch them when you are free, and be ready to practice them when you are back to work.

1) Lynda Online Java Training Videos

These Online Java Courses explain how to program in Java, with specifics like how to use JDBC to integrate MySQL databases. You can learn Java code tips for advanced class structures, the Reflection API, managing files and directories, and more.


2) Learners TV Online Java Courses

They have a big collection of java video tutorials for various topics. A good place to learn java online.


3) Wibit Online Java Courses

Wibit is also a good resource for completing online java courses through videos. Their website interface is also good. A neat and clan place.


4) Plural Sight Online Java Courses

Just as learners TV, they got a good collection of online java courses in video format. Some of their content is free and some of paid. Browse them to know more.


5) MIT OCW Online Java Programming Courses

It’s not having java video tutorials and contains PDF files, but the fact that this material is used by MIT itself, makes it interesting. Read out some PDF,you never know where information is hiding 🙂


That’s all for this post. If you know any other place worth mentioning here, please let me know.

Happy Learning !!

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