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I am Lokesh Gupta. I am working as a Lead Analyst with one of the biggest banks in the USA. I love to discuss things and that’s exactly why I am here.

In Java, I have around 14 Yrs of experience which has only increased my hunger for learning. In HowToDoInJava, I will be writing on different topics occasionally and would love to engage in some meaningful serious discussions with you folks.

My other hobbies include playing Table Tennis, Badminton, and Carom. I also love watching all kinds of Hollywood movies. In fact, I am a big fan of Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, and Tom hanks.

Note: Neither any post nor part of it, neither any comment nor anything written in the blog should be linked to my employer. All expressed views are my own and I am the only one responsible for the content on this blog.

Happy Learning !!

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29 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi Lokesh
    I am a Java developer from China. I really like your tutorial. I want to translate it into Chinese and put it on github. I hope to get your permission.

  2. Hi Lokesh

    Really appreciate with your bold articles, i love almost all.
    I am just practicing my self for microsevice example. so you have consolidate example, with gateway+ragistry+auth(Oauth 2)+Any service.

    If you had please share code with me
    If possible can you please share your whats app contact number.

  3. Hello Sir,
    Really loved your blogs.
    Please share some good practical reading materials or your blog if any for Apache Kafka with Java and Docker complete example.

    Salman Khan

  4. HI Lokesh, you explain this concurrency topics in a great way, but I cannot find synchronized volatile explained by you.

  5. Hi Lokesh,
    for some reason your singleton page captcha is not working well, so I post my comment here.
    In your Lazy initialization part, you named the double checked version implenetation as EagerSingleton.

    public class EagerSingleton {
        private static volatile EagerSingleton instance = null;
        // private constructor
        private EagerSingleton() {
        public static EagerSingleton getInstance() {
            if (instance == null) {
                synchronized (EagerSingleton.class) {
                    // Double check
                    if (instance == null) {
                        instance = new EagerSingleton();
            return instance;

    Since its not an Eager initialization i would recommand changing the class name. Apart from that I like very much your blog.

  6. hi lokesh..I want to uninstall oracle10gxe.while deleting msvcr71.dll and oci.dll it is showing an error msg that “the action can’t be completed because it is open in windows explorer”.please suggest me how i will delete msvcr71.dll and oci.dll??

  7. Hi Lokesh, I am trying to display ebills information when a click on view or pay bill. I am trying to do this using spring mvc hibernate jsp. Regarding this i need to send a detailed mail to your mail id inorder to fix some issues.

  8. hi

    do you have any working examples of spring security using

    My requirement is to use json/rest architecture with Spring MVC 3 annotations, spring security with token exchange.


    • yeah,I also want a same example where spring security has been implemented with OAuth protocol.OAuth 2.0 is been used by all sites(FB,G+,ebay) to grant permission 3rd party users to use their data.

      I’m sure Lokesh will help on this.It would be helpful for him also.

  9. can u explain these problem clearly

    2) If the class contains members of any class type then only the object references to those members are copied and hence the member references in both the original object as well as the cloned object refer to the same object.

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