Advertise is a respected blog inside its niche, with close to 3.3M monthly page views. It provides useful best practices, tutorials, articles, code samples, and snippets on the latest technologies such as Core Java, Spring, Struts, JAX-RS, Maven, Jquery, etc.

This blog can help you to reach a loyal audience of influential bloggers, coders, and website owners who visit this blog on regular basis.

1. Audience

  • 3.3 Millions+ Page Views/Month [ Updated on 10th April, 2020]
  • 1.4 Millions Unique users/Month
  • 16K+ Facebook Followers
  • 4K+ Twitter Followers

2. Site-wide Advertisement Spaces

The blog has the following existing ad spaces and all are open for sale :

  • 4 Ads in right sidebar – 300 x 250 (2), 300 x 600 (2). Each Ad slot has fixed charges of $2500/Month or $750/Week.
  • 1 at end of each article – 300 x 250 (1). It has fixed charge of $2000/Month or $600/Week.
  • 1 at the start of comments – 728 x 90 (1). It has fixed charge of $1500/Month or $450/Week.

Pick your desired locations and drop me an email.

Send me a mail at to discuss further.

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