Java 14

Java 14 – New Features and Improvements

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Java 14 reached general availability on 17 March 2020. In this post, we will go through some features from the list of 16 new features …

Java – Pattern Matching for instanceof

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Learn what pattern matching for instanceof is and how to use it since Java 14 (JEP 305). This is a preview language feature in JDK …

Java 14 – record type

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Learn about record type in java. It is introduced as preview feature in Java 14 and shall be used as plain immutable data classes for …

Java – Text blocks and best practices

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In Java, a text block is a multi-line string literal. It means we do not need to get into mess of explicit line terminators, string …

Java 14 – Helpful NullPointerException (NPE)

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Java 14 (JEP 358) improves the usability of NullPointerException generated by the JVM by describing precisely which variable was null. Lets understand this in detail. …

Java 14 – switch expression

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A switch statement allows the application to have multiple possible execution paths based on the value of a given expression in runtime. The evaluated expression …


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