How to Start a New Blog

Planning to run a blog like this? Let me help you with my learnings !!

After running this blog for more than years, I have learned so many things. Most things I learned after making mistakes. It is true that when we make a mistake, we learn a lesson. But in reality, it costs us lots of time and money, which otherwise could have been used in more productive ways.

Here on this page, I am sharing the things which I have learned. I hope that these lessons will help you in saving some money, and most importantly – TIME !!

1. Blogging is Not Easy

Mark these words very carefully. Blogging is not easy.

Building a meaningful blog takes lots of effort, time, and patience. It will not happen in the short run. So if you are not sure you can devote most of your luxury time to it, please pursue any other hobby.

If you are still determined to create and run a blog like this and don’t want to quit without trying then continue reading.

2. Blog Topics

This is a very important step. Choose the blog topic wisely.

There are two things you should consider:

  1. The topic should be able to attract readers from all countries. It will help in gaining traffic and so profit.
  2. You should be an expert on that topic. If you are still not an expert, then try to gain expertise first.
    Do not waste others’ time by publishing below-standard content. Anyway, in this case, this blog will never see any good traffic. Quality is a must.

You may also try to find topics of your interest on the internet, to see if you can write better than what’s already available. One good way is to try it.

Write down a few blog posts and share them on public forums for review. You will get a good idea.

3. Blog Technology and Hosting

So now you think that you are good with words and want to try blogging, then I will strongly suggest going for WordPress hosting with CloudWays.

4. Content Writing

Always remember one thumb rule. Your content MUST add some value to what’s already available in other blogs/websites. This value addition may be in terms of innovative solutions, better approaches, unknown facts, or better explanations. It has to be better in some aspects.

Do not become one of the noises which are already there. Make a unique identity. Establish your own branding. People should know you by your name or your brand. Only this will help you in long run.

As a suggestion, I will recommend you to read what’s already written in the first top 10-15 blog pages in google search (for the topic you want to write). Scan with sharp eyes. Find out what’s missing there or how you can improve it. Now go for it.

5. Money

I will not be truthful if I say that money does not matter. It matters and in long run, it is the ultimate motivation. You must get something in return for burning your luxury hours to create something and making it available to others for free.

While others enjoy their time in/out of regular work hours, you spend your time doing research and writing. It can go long way only when there is motivation involved. And for most of us, money is a good motivator.

Money is the outcome of very hard work done with patience for quite a long time.

You may not be able to see any money for one or two years. But if you persist that long with consistent effort, you will find it and that’s for sure.

Do not waste your time looking for money until you have a good amount of traffic e.g. 5k visitors/per day. Until then there is no money. Use your time to build your blog content.

6. Conclusion

At last, I will insist only on one thing – “persistence”. You will be able to get any success only through persistence. So find a topic interesting enough to keep your motivation for a long time without any return.

If you persist long enough, you will succeed. That’s a promise.

Happy Blogging !!

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