Work with Me

I am working on expanding the blog content, and I will need your help writing fresh content. The choice of topics will be based on your expertise. The primary programming language must be Java. 

1. List of Topics

  1. Core Java
  2. Tools and Libraries
  3. Spring Framework and Modules
  4. Computer Science
  5. Cloud Computing and Development
  6. AI and ML
  7. Any other topic you have expertise on and the topic fits in the blog

2. Compensation

Obviously, You will be getting paid for your time and efforts. Here are the details:

Entry Level Authors

Article SizeNumber of WordsPayout (in INR)
Small Article – 1300 – 4501500
Small Article – 2450-6002000
Medium Article – 1600 – 7502750
Medium Article – 2750 – 9003500
Large Article – 1900 – 12004250
Large Article – 21200 or more5000

Expert Authors

Article SizeNumber of WordsPayout (in INR)
Small Article – 1300 – 4502000
Small Article – 2450-6003000
Medium Article – 1600 – 7503750
Medium Article – 2750 – 9004500
Large Article – 1900 – 12005250
Large Article – 21200 or more6000

Every new member will join the team as an entry-level author. We will move you to the expert level when you understand our expectations and submit at least 5 posts with no (or very few) review items identified.

3. Long-term Partnership

If you write 100+ articles, along with the above one-time payments, I will be sharing profit (think of bonus) with you on annual basis based on how much traffic your posts receive each year. 

(It cannot be a fixed amount because of the highly volatile nature of the advertising industry).

4. The Editor’s Role

If you are willing to expand your role, with demonstrated skills and attitude over time, you can opt for the editor role in the future.

You can work with other authors in the editor role by reviewing their submissions. It will also be a paid effort. You will be getting paid for the number of reviewed posts.

5. The Author’s Badge

Your profile will be featured along with other contributors in this blog. You can use it for building your online profile or portfolio.

If you think you are the right person to make this happen, please fill out the below form and wait for my call/email.

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