String lines() – Get stream of lines – Java 11

Learn to convert multi-line string into stream of lines using String.lines() method in Java 11.

This method is useful when we want to read content from a file and process each string separately.

1. String.lines() API

The lines() method is a static method. It returns a stream of lines extracted from a given multi-line string, separated by line terminators.

* returns - the stream of lines extracted from given string
public Stream<String> lines()

A line terminator is one of the following –

  • a line feed character (“\n”)
  • a carriage return character (“\r”)
  • a carriage return followed immediately by a line feed (“\r\n”)

By definition, a line is zero or more character followed by a line terminator. A line does not include the line terminator.

The stream returned by lines() method contains the lines from this string in the same order in which they occur in the multi-line.

2. Java program to get stream of lines

Java program to read a file and get the content as stream of lines.


public class Main 
	public static void main(String[] args) 
			String str = "A \n B \n C \n D"; 

			Stream<String> lines = str.lines();

		catch (IOException e) 

Program output.


Drop me your questions related to reading a string into lines of stream.

Happy Learning !!

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