Windows – Set Environment Variables without Admin Access

In this tutorial, we will learn to set environment variables e.g. JAVA_HOME when you don’t have admin access to your development machine. This is very common scenario in companies with high security requirements like banks ( like mine 🙂 ).

Open “User Accounts” Option

You can locate this option by searching ‘accounts‘ or ‘user accounts‘ in window’s search option.

Search User Accounts in Windows 7
Search User Accounts in Windows 7

Click on “User Accounts” option.

Select option “Change my environment variables”

Once you are inside user accounts view, select option ‘Change my environment variables‘ and it will present you a window for adding/removing environment variables for your account.

Add Environment Properties
Add Environment Properties
In Windows 8, press Win + W and search ‘environment’. One option you are presented will be “Edit environment variables for your account”. Use this option to add/change/remove environment variables for your account.
If you have any open command prompt, then the above change will not be available in it. New environment variables will be available only on new command prompt windows after making above change.

Happy Learning !!

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