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Top 10 Java Websites

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Over last 9 years, I have found these top 10 java websites most useful for me. I do not intend to rank them for their popularity, but how much useful they have been for me in my career.

Best java books for beginners

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Here is my suggestion on best available books for learning java programming – from complete beginner to competent programmer. I do not want to confuse …

Best way to learn Java programming

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Every month many times, I am asked same question by many of my visitors (mostly beginners of course) that how to learn java. And also …

5 Top Online Java Courses You May Consider

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For me, learning java has been always hitting the keyboard. I still believe that the best way to learn is to code program yourself. And …

5 Popular Java Development Frameworks

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There are plenty of Java frameworks available on the web, and developers use them quite frequently to build websites. These frameworks offer lots of functions …


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