Top 10 Java Blogs and Websites

Lokesh Gupta

For the last 14 years, I have been in Java development. I found below-listed blogs and websites perhaps most useful in my career.

I am listing these blogs/websites in random order. There is no ranking or any preference is associated with their order.


Today, I cannot even think of any day that passed when I have not visited this website at least once. You search for anything, you find it here. A forum for almost every programmer. The best of the best.

Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow

2. Java SE Documentation

Nobody can teach you the correct things other than the person who wrote it. Oracle has those guys, so the most credible information you find ever – will be on oracle.

Oracle Java Blog
Oracle Java Blog

3. Apache Software Foundation

How Stackoverflow helped the java community with problem-solving, Apache did that by providing free open source libraries development with help of the same developer community. If you are a java developer for a long time, you already have used some of its work.

Apache Software Foundation
Apache Software Foundation

4. Wikipedia

It’s a wiki of everything – including java. Most comprehensive online collection of knowledge on the planet.


5. IBM DeveloperWorks

Want to read in-depth technology articles, there is no better place (at least for me).

IBM developerworks
IBM developer works

6. Safari Books Online

It has millions of books to read from. A vast library. I like to visit in my free time. Wealth on knowledge.

Safari Books
Safari Books

7. Spring Projects

Spring is perhaps the most used framework in the whole Java ecosystem. If you are Java web developer, you will need these resources.


I highly appreciate this blog. There is so much to learn from it. They publish to-the-point guides and tutorials.



Need help on code snippets and quick references to move on without wasting too much time, mkyong is the perfect place for it.



My blog is very small in comparison to others listed above, but I do refer to my tutorials written in the past when in doubt. It is always better to refresh old memory than to read a new opinion altogether.

Those are my top 10 java blogs and websites – I would like you to bookmark.

Happy Learning !!


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