Convert String to String[] in Java

Java examples to convert a string into string array using String.split() and java.util.regex.Pattern.slipt() methods.

String blogName = "how to do in java";

String[] words = blogName.split(" ");				//[how, to, do, in, java]

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(" ");
String[] words = pattern.split(blogName);			//[how, to, do, in, java]

1. String -> String[]

1.1. Using String.split()

Use split() method to split a string into tokens by passing a delimiter (or regex) as method argument.

String names = "alex,brian,charles,david";

String[] namesArray = names.split(",");	//[alex, brian, charles, david]

1.2. Using Pattern.split()

In Java, Pattern is the compiled representation of a regular expression. Use Pattern.split() method to convert string to string array, and using the pattern as the delimiter.

String names = "alex,brian,charles,david";

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(",");
String[] namesArray = pattern.split( names );	//[alex, brian, charles, david]

2. String[] -> String

Use String.join() method to create a string from String array. You need to pass two method arguments i.e.

  • delimiter – the delimiter that separates each element
  • array elements – the elements to join together

The join() will then return a new string that is composed of the ‘array elements’ separated by the ‘delimiter’.

String[] tokens = {"How","To","Do","In","Java"};

String blogName1 = String.join("", tokens);		//HowToDoInJava

String blogName2 = String.join(" ", tokens);	//How To Do In Java

String blogName3 = String.join("-", tokens);	//How-To-Do-In-Java

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