Java Copy Array Range Example

Java example to create subarray from array i.e. creating array slice. Learn to use Java 8 Arrays.copyOfRange() method along with converting the subarray to list object.

Quick Reference:

String[] names = {"Alex", "Brian", "Charles", "David"};

//Subarray from index '0' (inclusive) to index '2' (exclusive)
String[] partialNames = Arrays.copyOfRange(names, 0, 2);	
// [Alex, Brian]

//Subarray to list
List<String> namesList = Arrays.asList( Arrays.copyOfRange(names, 2, names.length) );	
// [Charles, David]

1. Arrays.copyOfRange()

Use this method to copy the specified range of the specified array into a new array. It takes 3 parameters – original array, initial index and final index to be copied.

* @param <T> the class of the objects in the array
* @param original the array from which a range is to be copied
* @param from the initial index of the range to be copied, inclusive
* @param to the final index of the range to be copied, exclusive.
public static <T> T[] copyOfRange(T[] original, int from, int to) {
    return copyOfRange(original, from, to, (Class<? extends T[]>) original.getClass());
'to' index parameter can be greater than index length. No ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException will be raised in this case.

1.1. Array range copy example

String[] names = {"Alex", "Brian", "Charles", "David"};			// [Alex, Brian]

//Copy till second name from with index '0'
String[] partialNames = Arrays.copyOfRange(names, 0, 2);		// [Charles, David]

//Copy all names from with index '2'
String[] endNames = Arrays.copyOfRange(names, 2, names.length);	// [Charles, David, null, null, null, null, null, null]

//Copy last 8 names start with index '2'
//No ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error
String[] moreNames = Arrays.copyOfRange(names, 2, 10);	

2. Subarray to Arraylist

Java example to create arraylist from subarray. It is done in two steps:

  1. Create subarray from array with desired items.
  2. Convert array to list.
String[] names = {"Alex", "Brian", "Charles", "David"};

//Array to sublist
List<String> namesList = Arrays.asList( Arrays.copyOfRange(names, 0, 2) );	// [Alex, Brian]

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