Java Sort String Characters Alphabetically

Java example to sort characters of String in alphabetical order – using Stream.sorted() and Arrays.sort() methods.

1) Sort string with Stream API

Example of sorting the characters of string using Stream.sorted() API.

String randomString = "adcbgekhs";
String sortedChars = Stream.of( randomString.split("") )

System.out.println(sortedChars);	// abcdeghks

2) Arrays.sort()

Example of sort a string using Arrays.sort() method.

String randomString = "adcbgekhs";
//Convert string to char array
char[] chars = randomString.toCharArray();	

//Sort char array

//Convert char array to string
String sortedString = String.valueOf(chars);

System.out.println(sortedChars);	// abcdeghks

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Stream.sorted() Java Doc
Arrays.sort() Java Doc

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