How to execute cURL commands in windows

Learn to execute the cURL commands from windows command prompt or power shell window.

1. Download cURL distribution

Go to download page of curl website i.e. Find out the distribution package based on the version of windows in your machine.

cURL distributions
cURL distributions

2. Extract package

Extract the package to a desired location. I have extracted it to E:\curl-7.64.1-win64-mingw.

Extract cURL package
Extract cURL package

3. Update Windows PATH variable

Now update the 'PATH' variable with bin folder location inside the package.

cURL bin location in windows PATH
cURL bin location in windows PATH

4. Verify cURL installation

Open a new command prompt and hit the following command.

$ curl –help

The command will list down all help options.

cURL help command
cURL help command

Now you are good to execute cURL command in windows as per your requirements.

Happy Learning !!

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