How to check if file exists in Java

In this tutorial, we will learn how can we test to check if file exists or a directory exist in given path in Java.

1. Check if file exists with File.exists() method

To test to see if a file or directory exists, use the “exists()” method of the Java class, as shown here:

File tempFile = new File("c:/temp/temp.txt");
boolean exists = tempFile.exists();

If above method returns true then file or directory does exist, and otherwise does not exists.


public class TemporaryFileExample
   public static void main(String[] args)
      File temp;
         temp = File.createTempFile("myTempFile", ".txt");
         boolean exists = temp.exists();
         System.out.println("Temp file exists : " + exists);
      } catch (IOException e)

Program Output.

Temp file exists : true

2. Files.exists() and Files.notExists() methods

Java NIO also provides good ways to test whether a file exists or not. Use Files.exists() method or Files.notExists() method for this.

final Path path = Files.createTempFile("testFile", ".txt");

Files.exists(path);     //true


Files.notExists(path);  //false

3. Check if file is readable, writable or executable

To verify that the program can access a file as needed, you can use the isReadable(Path), isWritable(Path), and isExecutable(Path) methods.

Java program to test a file if it is readable, writable and executable.

final Path path = ...;






That’s all for quick tip related to checking if a file or directory exists or does not exists in java. Along with test if program is allowed to append content to it by checking it’s writable attribute.

Happy Learning !!


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  1. Hi All ,

    I need to check , for a particular parameter value exists in a file which exists in multiple virtual machines.

    Please help with the logic.


  2. Hi Lokesh,

    Can you elaborate more on how Files.notExists() is different from ! (Files.exists()) . Actually both of there source codes looks very much alike.



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