Top Spring AOP Interview Questions with Answers

Spring 3 tutorials

After going through spring core interview questions, let’s cover top Spring AOP interview questions which you may expect in your next technical interview. Again, please feel free to suggest new questions which are not part of this post so I can include them to benefit larger audience. Table of Contents Describe Spring AOP? What is […]

Spring RESTFul Client – RestTemplate Example

Spring REST JSON Example

After learning to build Spring REST based RESTFul APIs for XML representation and JSON representation, let’s build a RESTFul client to consume APIs which we have written. Accessing a third-party REST service inside a Spring application revolves around the use of the Spring RestTemplate class. The RestTemplate class is designed on the same principles as […]

Spring REST Hello World XML Example

Spring REST XML Example - REST API for get all employees

In this tutorial, I am writing hello world example for RESTful APIs using Spring REST features. In this example, I will be creating two APIs which will return XML representation of resources. Maven Dependencies Let’s start with runtime dependencies which you will need to write these RESTFul APIs. In fact, all you need is Spring […]

Spring MVC Populate and Validate Dropdown Example

Spring MVC Dropdown Example - Blank Form

If you are working on any customer facing web application which is developed using Spring MVC, then your will probably need to use dropdown box as well somewhere in application UI. This tutorial will help you in displaying a pre-populated dropdown and then validating whether user selected any value while submitting the form or not. […]

[Solved] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.hibernate.validator.engine.ConfigurationImpl


If you are working on spring MVC web application and you are trying to use JSR-303 validation annotations then you might face this exception. Exception stack trace looks like this. Solution This problem is due to incorrect version of “hibernate-validator” dependency. You need to try other versions of this dependency to solve this issue. In […]

Spring Bean Validation Example with JSR-303 Annotations

Spring MVC JSR 303 Validation Annotations Example

JSR-303 bean validation is a specification whose objective is to standardize the validation of Java beans through annotations. The objective of the JSR-303 standard is to use annotations directly in a Java bean class. This allows validation rules to be specified directly in the code they are intended to validate, instead of creating validation rules […]

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