Java Fixed Size Thread Pool Executor Example


In previous tutorial, we learned about basic thread pool executor with unlimited possible number of threads into the pool and it’s example usage. Now lets look example of fixed size thread pool executor which will help in improved performance and better system resource utilization by limiting the maximum number of threads in thread pool. 1) […]

Java Thread Pool Executor Example


Usually, when you develop a simple, concurrent-programming application in Java, you create some Runnable objects and then create the corresponding Thread objects to execute them. Since Java 5, the Java concurrency API provides a mechanism Executor framework. This is around the Executor interface, its sub-interface ExecutorService, and the ThreadPoolExecutor class that implements both interfaces. This […]

How to Configure Tomcat with SSL or HTTPS


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a secure transfer protocol used for communication on the Internet using cryptographic methods. The main purpose of the SSL protocol is to guarantee that no one can tamper with the communication between a browser and the server where the web application is deployed. Another purpose of secure communication is the […]

How to run tomcat in default HTTP port 80

By default, tomcat is configured to run on port 8080. That’s why all your deployed web applications are accessible though URLs like http://localhost:8080/yourapp. If you want to run your applications on URL like http://localhost/yourapp, then you will need to change the default port 8080 to 80, which is default port for HTTP connectors. To make […]

Tomcat’s architecture and server.xml configuration tutorial

Tomcat Architechture

We already learnt how webservers work in general when you deploy your web application on server and access from a browser. Now let’s learn the stuffs inside server which may not be used in day to day job, but they will certainly help you when you are configuring your application first time. I have been […]

Find duplicate elements in an array

This is most common interview question in java now-a-days. There are many techniques to find duplicate elements in array in java like using Collections.frequency(). I am writing yet another solution which is much easier and fast. Here an array of integers is having 10 integers and 1 and 8 are duplicate integers. You need to […]

Top Spring AOP Interview Questions with Answers

Spring 3 tutorials

After going through spring core interview questions, let’s cover top Spring AOP interview questions which you may expect in your next technical interview. Again, please feel free to suggest new questions which are not part of this post so I can include them to benefit larger audience. Table of Contents Describe Spring AOP? What is […]

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