Functional interface tutorial

In previous discussion, we learned about lambda expressions and some basics about functional interfaces. In this tutorial, I am extending the topic in context of functional interfaces. Here we will discuss following points: 1) What is functional interface 2) Do’s and Don’t’s in functional interfaces 1) What is functional interface Functional interfaces are new additions […]


How to quickly make eclipse faster

Once we start working on eclipse, it gradually becomes slower. To improve the performance and make eclipse faster, there are certain ways which you can utilize and see noticeable differences. These effective method are listed below: 1) Clean up history and indexes 2) Remove structured text validation 3) Do not use subclipse plugin 4) Configure […]


Default methods in java 8

In previous post, we learned about Lambda expressions and functional interfaces. Now, let’s move on the discussion and talk about another related feature i.e. default methods. Well, this is truly revolutionary for java developers. Till java 7, we have learned a lot of things about interfaces and all those things have been in our mind […]


Maven BOM [Bill Of Materials] Dependency

If you have worked on maven in your projects for dependency management, then you must have faced one problem at least once or may be more than that. And the problem is version mismatch. It generally happens when you got some dependencies which bring it’s related dependencies together with certain version. And if you have […]


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