Lazy Loading in Hibernate

So far in previous tutorials, we have learned the concepts around entities persistence life cycle states, Some CRUD operations such as Save a hibernate entity, merge or refresh an entity and then we learned about cascading effect as well. Moving forward in this this tutorial, I will be discussing a must-known feature in hibernate, specially […]

How to load / get entity in hibernate

In previous tutorials, we learned about connecting pooling, persistence Life-cycle States, association Mappings and entities Equality and Identity concepts. In next some tutorials, I am going to cover some concepts around CRUD operations which you will do while interacting with database though hibernate. Let’s start the discussion with loading an hibernate entity using either load […]

Hibernate C3P0 Connection Pool Configuration Tutorial

By default, Hibernate uses JDBC connections in order to interact with a database. Creating these connections is expensive—probably the most expensive single operation Hibernate will execute in a typical-use case. Since JDBC connection management is so expensive that possibly you will advise to use a pool of connections, which can open connections ahead of time […]

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