@Immutable and @NaturalId – Hibernate-Specific Annotations

In previous post, we learned about most commonly used JPA annotations in hibernate and we also learned there about the hibernate annotations which complement those JPA annotations. Using JPA annotations makes your application code portable to other JPA implementations which is a good thing to have. Apart from JPA annotations, hibernate have some of it’s […]

Lazy Loading in Hibernate

So far in previous tutorials, we have learned the concepts around entities persistence life cycle states, Some CRUD operations such as Save a hibernate entity, merge or refresh an entity and then we learned about cascading effect as well. Moving forward in this this tutorial, I will be discussing a must-known feature in hibernate, specially […]

How to load / get entity in hibernate

In previous tutorials, we learned about connecting pooling, persistence Life-cycle States, association Mappings and entities Equality and Identity concepts. In next some tutorials, I am going to cover some concepts around CRUD operations which you will do while interacting with database though hibernate. Let’s start the discussion with loading an hibernate entity using either load […]

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