Convert int to String in Java

To convert int to String, use either String.valueOf() or Integer.toString() method.

1. Convert int to String – String.valueOf()

String.valueOf(int i) method returns the string representation of the int argument. The representation is exactly the one returned by the Integer.toString() method of one argument.

1.1. Syntax

 * @param   i  - an int value.
 * @return  a  - string representation of the int argument.
public static String valueOf(int i)

1.2. int to String Example

int countInt = 40;

String countStr = String.valueOf( countInt );

2. Convert int to String – Integer.toString()

Integer.toString(int i) method Returns a string object representing the specified integer passed as method argument. By default, argument is converted to signed decimal (radix 10) in string format.

2.1. Syntax

 * @param   i  - an int value.
 * @return  a  - string representation of the int argument in base 10
public static String toString(int i)

2.2. int to String Example

int countInt = 40;

String countStr = Integer.toString( countInt );

3. Convert Integer to String

To convert Integer object to String, simply call method toString() on integer object.

Integer year = new Integer(2018);

String yearString = year.toString();

4. Java example to convert int to String value

This example shows how to use above both methods i.e. String.valueOf() and Integer.toString() to convert a given integer value to string value.

In second part, it gives example to convert Integer object to String representation.

public class StringExample 
	public static void main(String[] args) 
		// 1. Converting int value to String value
		int intParam = 1001;
		String strValue1 = String.valueOf(intParam);
		String strValue2 = Integer.toString(intParam);
		// 2. Converting Integer object to String value
		Integer integerParam = new Integer(2018);
		String strValue3 = String.valueOf(integerParam);
		String strValue4 = integerParam.toString();
		//Verify results

Program Output:



Checkout this example to convert String to int values.

Happy Learning !!

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