Java byte[] to String Example

While working with encryption algorithms, you may get encrypted text as byte[], which later need to be converted to String for comparison purpose. Converting byte[] to String in java is pretty much straightforward and easy. You need to use String class constructor String(byte[] bytes) or String(byte[] bytes, String charsetName) and you will get String represenation of byte array content.

String str = new String( byteArray );


String str = new String( byteArray , charset );

Convert byte[] to String

Let’s look at an example for more clarity. I will convert a String to byte array, and then convert back to String – then we will compare both strings and they should match.

String name = "";
byte[] byteArray = name.getBytes();

String str = new String(byteArray);
String strWithCharset = new String(byteArray, Charset.defaultCharset());

System.out.println("Original String: "+ name );
System.out.println("Obtained String: "+ str );
System.out.println("Obtained String: "+ strWithCharset );


Original String:
Obtained String:
Obtained String:

It’s easy but very handy when you how to do it.

Happy Learning !!

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