Java keywords

Java keywords are 50 reserved words which have a very specific meaning in the application code. Programmers should not use these keywords for any other purpose than what they are meant to be.

1. Java keywords features

  • Given is the list has all reserved java keywords. We cannot use any of the following as identifiers in our programs.
  • The keywords const and goto are reserved, even though they are not currently used.
  • true, false, and null might seem like keywords, but they are actually literals; we cannot use them as identifiers in our programs.
  • strictfp was added in JDK 1.2.
  • assert was added in JDK 1.4.
  • enum was added in JDK 1.5.

2. Java keywords list

abstract continue for new switch
assert default goto package synchronized
boolean do if private this
break double implements protected throw
byte else import public throws
case enum instanceof return transient
catch extends int short try
char final interface static void
class finally long strictfp volatile
const float native super while

Learning about all keywords in single page is not possible. We will learn about each Java keyword in it’s dedicated tutorial.

Happy Learning !!

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