Spring Boot – Configure Jetty Server

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By default, Spring boot uses embedded tomcat server to run the application. At times, you may need to use jetty server in place of tomcat …

Spring boot change default port of embedded server

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By default, Spring boot applications start with embedded tomcat server start at port 8080. We can change default embedded server port to any other port, using any one of below technique.

Spring Boot – Changing Context Path

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By default, Spring boot applications are accessed by context path “/”. We can customize it using server.contextPath or server.servlet.context-path.

Spring Boot JSP View Resolver Example

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Spring Boot JSP View Resolver Example. Learn to configure Spring boot application use JSPTemplate to map JSP files using InternalResourceViewResolver.

Spring boot hello world example – Spring boot REST example

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Spring boot is sub-project developed by developers of spring framework – to create stand-alone, production-grade application with minimum configuration possible. Spring boot applications are typically bundled as fat/uber jar files and can be deployed in any platform as a simple jar file. This is why spring boot applications are a good candidate for building microservices in java.


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