Spring Boot

@Repository annotation in Spring Boot

Spring boot @Repository annotation is a specialization of the @Component to indicate a data repository used for storage, retrieval, and search behavior.

Spring Boot Interview Questions

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Spring boot makes application development easier but we may face some tough interview questions when it comes to test your knowledge on how it all works. Be prepare for the next job interview with given Spring boot interview questions and answers.

Spring boot ehcache 2 example

Learn to configure caching in spring boot application using ehcache 2.x. Learn to use annotation based cache config as well as manually updating cache with CacheManager.

Spring Boot Devtools Tutorial

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If you have worked on latest UI development frameworks e.g. Node, angular, gulp etc. then you must have appreciated the auto-reload of UI in browser …

Spring Boot war Packaging Example

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In Spring boot applications, default packaging is jar which is deployed in embedded servers. If you want to generate a war file for deployment in seperate application server instances such as Jboss, Weblogic or tomcat, then follow below instructions.

Spring Boot2 @SpringBootApplication Auto Configuration

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String boot is very easy to use and it does a lot of things under the hood, you might not be aware of. In future, a good developer will be who will know exactly what is going on behind spring boot auto configuration, how to use it in your favor and how to disable certain sections which you do not want into your project.

Spring Boot HATEOAS Example

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In this Spring HATEOAS example, we will learn to add HATEOAS links to existing REST APIs created in a spring boot project. We will use …

Spring-boot-starter-parent Example

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The spring-boot-starter-parent dependency is the parent POM providing dependency and plugin management for Spring Boot-based applications. It contains the default versions of Java to use, the default versions of dependencies that Spring Boot uses, and the default configuration of the Maven plugins.

Spring-boot-starter Maven Templates

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Spring Boot comes with over 50+ different starter modules, which provide ready-to-use integration libraries for many different frameworks, such as database connections that are both relational and NoSQL, web services, social network integration, monitoring libraries, logging, template rendering, and the list just keeps going on.

Spring Boot Actuator

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In this Spring boot actuator tutorial, learn about inbuilt HTTP endpoints available to any boot application for different monitoring and management purpose.

Spring boot RSS feed with rome

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In this tutorial, learn to create and consume RSS and Atom feed from spring boot application. You must have seen this in form of text …

Spring Boot SOAP Webservice Example

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In this spring boot soap tutorial, we will focus only in the Spring boot related configurations to see how easily we can create our contract first SOAP webservice.

Spring Boot SSL [https] Example

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In this spring boot example, learn to configure web application to run on SSL (HTTPS) with self-signed certificate. Also learn to create SSL cert, as well.

Spring Boot Jersey Example

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Learn to configure and create JAX-RS 2.0 REST APIs using Spring Boot and Jersey framework. This example application uses Jersey’s ServletContainer to deploy the REST APIs.

Spring boot @Scheduled annotation example

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To schedule job in spring boot application to run periodically, spring boot provides @EnableScheduling and @Scheduled annotations. Lets learn to use Spring boot @Scheduled annotation. …

Spring boot – CommandLineRunner interface example

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Spring boot’s CommandLineRunner interface is used to run a code block only once in application’s lifetime – after application is initialized. How to use CommandLineRunner …


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