Convert between LocalTime to java.sql.Time

Java examples to convert from LocalTime to java.sql.Time and vice versa.

Note that the Time class adds formatting and parsing operations to support the JDBC escape syntax for time values. Its date components should be set to the “zero epoch” and should not be accessed.

1. Convert LocalTime to java.sql.Time

Use java.sql.Time.valueOf() method to get SQL time from LocalTime instance. Such time instance contains the same hour, minute and second-time value as localtime.

The nanosecond field from LocalTime is not part of the newly created Time object.

LocalTime now =;

Time time = Time.valueOf( now );

System.out.println(time);       //13:54:20

2. java.sql.Time to LocalTime

Use java.sql.Time.toLocalTime() method to get LocalTime with the same hour, minute, and second-time value as this Time.  The nanosecond LocalTime field will be set to zero.

//Get SQL time instance
java.sql.Time sqlTime = new Time(new Date().getTime());

//Get LocalTime from SQL time
LocalTime localTime = sqlTime.toLocalTime();

System.out.println( localTime );    //14:00:33

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